Local CDBG Contacts


If you live within the city limits of the City of Zanesville you need to contact their Community Development Department at (740) 452-2596.


Areas outside of the City of Zanesville are eligible for CDBG funds through Muskingum County.


Muskingum County CDBG Coordinator

Stephanie Hill


(740) 455-7127 office

(740) 455-7896 fax


The CDBG office is located in the County Courthouse at 401 Main Street, Zanesville. The office is located on the first floor and shares space with the County Projects Department.


Other helpful contacts:


Muskingum County Commissionerís Office †† (740) 455-7100

Muskingum County Auditor†††††††††††††††††††††††† (740) 455-7109

Muskingum County Projects Director††††††††††† (740) 588-4389

Muskingum County Housing Coordinator†††††††††††† (740) 455-7193

Muskingum County Prevailing Wage†††††††††††† (740) 588-4355