Citizen Participation


Muskingum Countyís CDBG program cannot be successful without the input and assistance from citizens and local elected officials.Townships, Villages and local non-profit groups may apply for CDBG funds.The links below will provide the information that you will need to apply for your project.


Eligible Activities


Sub-Recipient Application


Income Survey Forms


Keep in mind that your project must meet one of the three National Objectives:


1.    primarily benefit low and moderate income persons

2.    eliminate or prevent slums and blight

3.    meet other urgent local community development needs


It has been determined that the following groups of people are determined to be low-or-moderate income and projects that benefit these groups would meet the LMI National Objective without an income survey:abused children, elderly persons, battered spouses, homeless persons, severely disabled adults, illiterate adults, persons living with the disease AIDS, and migrant farm workers.


Notes on Income Surveys:The time span in which an income survey must be complete in order to be considered valid is 3 months.All households in the project area must be surveyed within a 3 month time frame or the survey cannot be used.