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History of the Muskingum County Flag

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Many of the objects on the flag are quite obvious in what their relationship to the area, however, the center object that looks like a "Y" is a bridge. In the County Seat of Zanesville, is a bridge that splits into a "Y" as it crosses the river. Other objects include a barn for the local agriculture and steamboat for the river traffic.

On Thursday, April 25, 2002, the Muskingum County Flag was presented to the county commissioners at the Muskingum County Home. The flag was designed by local artist Roger Penos using the ideas of the residents of the County Home. Residents Helen Bartick and Lucille Wilson, who worked on the project from the beginning and attended almost every planning session, presented the flag on behalf of all the residents. Penos said working with the residents was wonderful. He would talk with the residents, sketch their ideas, and bring the sketches back for more comments and suggestions.

The flag is maroon with seven white symbols representing our county’s history. The field of the flag is surrounded by a green and white border. The symbols on the flag are the Y bridge, the Lorena, pottery, mining, the Wilds, the Underground Railroad and agriculture. The date Muskingum County was created – March 1, 1804 – is also included. The county actually has two flag designs. The one flown at the Statehouse for the Bicentennial Celebration is modified. On it, the barn which represents agriculture, includes the Bicentennial Logo.

The Muskingum County Flag was first raised and flown April 26, 2002 in front of the County Home in honor of the residents who designed it.